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What is a Daddigyrl?

A women who has the role of a dad in a lesbian realtionship.

Many young children may use the term daddy, because a lot of us look like men and we are around doing the duties of daddy. We try not to confuse our children by allowing them to call us something that we are not, and these titles can belong to just about anyone.

The title daddigyrl is a honor and can only belong to a daddigyrl.

Some of the terms we have heard are Dad, Daddy, Stud Daddy, Pop’s, Auntie, Mommy #2, Godmother, Big Momma and Mommies’ Best friend.

We know sometimes that the hardest thing in life is to be you, especially in a world like ours. We say when you believe in something as much as we believe in daddigyrl you go all out. The world may not agree but this is something that we live on a daily basis. With that being said, we hope you understand being daddigyrl is an honor, if you are not a daddigyrl we ask that you do not abuse the name and if you are a daddigyrl use the title with PRIDE.


Change does not start with your neighbor, it starts with you!


Daddigyrl’s have been around since the beginning of time and it still has been a longtime coming. We deal with hatred, disapproval and ridicule from people on a daily basis, but the love we get from our children and the support we get from our loved ones keeps us going. Many fathers show us love and respect, as they recognize we are not trying to replace them but provide our children with love and support, as all parents should. It is a known fact that people disapprove of
what they do not understand,
so we ask that you take the time to get to know us before you just place judgment on us.

We do get a lot of love and support and would like to say Thank You” to those that spread and use the word.


Our goal is to someday make daddigyrl a household name and get daddigyrl into the dictionary.

Daddigyrl is not just a made up word, daddigyrl is who and what we are!

If you have ideas or thoughts that you want to share with us, send us an email at

Founder: Johnni/w/ani
Co. Founder: Spor-T-Red