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To the entire breast Cancer (Cancer) Survivors we would like to commend you on being strong and not giving up on life. We have not gone through it our selves but we have family and friends that have been diagnosed and have fought to survive against all odds.

To all the family and friends that have had a loved one stolen by cancer, you’re in our thoughts and prayers. If you or someone you know may want to tell their story please email us at and remember cancer is not just for women.




Peaches and I met in 2003 through Vanessa. We really did not become serious until 2004 due to Vanessa getting incarcerated for some years. The kids and I wanted to stay together but at the time it was best for them to go with their grandmother. That is when Peaches took me in. She has four children but, all not of them is mine. Only the baby boy; He was only seven-years-old when she introduced me to him. When I got my boys came to live with me Peaches also took them in. We moved to a bigger house after our house caught on fire.

Peaches loved to go out to a particular club she liked. She is well known in Monroe, LA. She always made sure that all of us were happy. We would always come to her when we were having problems, good or bad news. When we were together I made sure she was happy. Anything she wanted, I would always get it for her. She always had access to anything I had. She would always tell me, and everyone else, that I am the best mate that she has ever been with. That was because I always showed her affection. I would hold her hand and wrap my arms around her as went out for walks. I would kiss her on her from her cheeks to her lips and treat her like a baby.

I loved hearing Peaches sing and watch her dance. She once wrote a beautiful song for me. She has the biggest heart a person can have. She fed people, and took people in when they needed help. I use to tell her when our love was coming to an end ( Vanessa was getting released) “IF NO ONE TREATS YOU LIKE I DO OR BETTER, THEN YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE WITH THEM”. She told me the reason why she loved me so much is because of how faithful I was to her and Vanessa. She didn’t want me to wonder how it would of been if I went back with Vanessa. (She had it all wrong) I didn’t want to go back because I knew the love and respect wouldn’t amount to what I shared with Peaches. I was so mad and hurt when she left, our son wanted to be with his daddigyrl and brothers so he came with me. Things weren’t going well between me and Vanessa but we made it work for the kids.

Peaches introduced me into the world of cancer. She developed cancer which became bad news. It progressed to the point her breast had to be removed. From that point it spread to her lung and later to her brain. Peaches passed away in 2014. Through it all, I can still see the blessings and I just want to say GOD IS SOO GOOD!


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Cancer survivors/Victims we Know,Love and Respect:

Paulette Scott R.I.P.

Diane Pearson

Shirley Mason

Rochelle Johnson

Joe Scott R.I.P.

Ruby Mason R.I.P.

Dale Mason Sr.

Anthony R.I.P

Adelaida McDaniel

Tyes Mom R.I.P.